Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pin Money Vol. 11

Every time we go for a trip up to Northern California I have to make a stop at Daiso Japan. Most items are $1.50 but can range up to $10.00- that's the highest price I've seen. They carry a wide range of stationery items so I always like to stock up on their adorable letter sets.
I'm always using box cutters and I can carry these mini ones around in my purse. These heart tacks look so much like runts candy to me. 
Mini scissors, face punches, and cute envelopes. 
I got these fringe scissors for Tootie- she's crazy for fringe and these will make her projects go by quicker. 
Office circle labels turn into fun polka dot stickers. 
A small self healing cutting mat, office erasers and correction tape. A pretty good haul :)
What is Pin money?
all photos by Margaret Haas.


  1. Whoooa those are some serious scissors... I want!
    xo Heather

  2. Pin Money is one of my favorite features here! I love seeing what other people buy and you always have excellent taste in pretty things and super cute things. I wish the Japanese market in Chicago carried more things like Daiso does. Those little face punches kill me!



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