Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage Paper Fair San Francisco

At the beginning of this month, Katie and I went up to San Francisco. We were technically there to see Allie, but we also stayed with my soon to be in laws and went to the vintage paper fair. We are true multi-taskers :) We always go to the vintage paper fair in glendale but have never been to the fair in SF. The building it was held in (in golden gate park) was a lot smaller than the civic auditorium, where it's held in Glendale. I liked it more, seemed more manageable. I'm always on the hunt for postcards and I found tons of great ones. Above are some of Santa Cruz from the 50s and 60s. Some more I found:
I found these check off versions really funny. "don't worry about me " "stomach out of order"
They are really affordable, most are .25 cents. Some of the older ones can run up to $6 but I just don't buy those!
All photos by Margaret Haas
(p.s. the next fair is in september) 

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