Monday, October 22, 2012


I think because I wrote a review of printstagram, I was given the chance to sample prinstabooks. Their website is very easy to navigate. Another important aspect for me was that all their products are made in the US. Also, $1 from every order is donated to Alzheimer's research. I placed my order on Tuesday and everything arrived about a week later. I could choose from all of my instagram photos but I choose the ones related to letter writing and pen pal club.

In addition to a book, I also got some prints.
Right away I could tell the print quality was good, certainly better than the experience I had with printstagram. I'm not crazy about spiral books but I do recognize them being an affordable option.
I was very happy with the customer service, turn around time and print quality of Prinstabooks. If they added another book option (not spiral bound) I'd love to order another. 
all photos by margaret haas.

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