Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wedding Talk No. 6

Yikes, where have I been? To tell you the truth- I don't have a good excuse. I've just been enjoying being a bride. It feels like the wedding is coming up so quickly and with so many details to take care of, I want to completely focus on planning. Katie, Brady, and Connie threw me a bridal shower the last weekend in September. Everything was a complete surprise, I just knew the date and time I had to show up. It was everything I could have wanted. Katie commissioned Jill K in LA to make my shower invitations. Me, in a wedding dress, wearing my glasses- what's not to love? Will share those in more detail later on. 
Katie collected pictures of me growing up and had them on display.
She was sure to include a photo of me and Tony before we went to prom my senior year. Tony is two years older than me, then he was already a sophomore in college and I had to beg him to take me to my prom. I wish I still fit into that dress, I could just wear it on my wedding day ;)
Katie stamped little signs, so cute.
The backyard was set up so beautifully.
When everyone was seated, I made my debut.
It was a hot day so everyone enjoyed the cold beverages.
Champagne was chilled when we arrived.
Every table had gorgeous flower arrangements. I'm on a diet (trying on my dress next week) but I couldn't resist my favorite pb and j cookies from matchbox kitchen.
When we were done eating, Nat (my brother in law) came over to host "the newlywed game." I had to answer ten questions that he had asked Tony. The "audience" played along by holding up signs- "yes" she'll get the answer right, "no" she'll get the answer wrong. Nat is a great performer so the game was a hoot.
I'm crazy for the flowers!
Brady, co host. After eating and the game, we went inside.
The ladies that were there could made a future date with me, after I'm a married woman.
This little book was there to write down advice for me. It was such a great party. I opened presents in front of everyone, then we sat around talking for a few hours.
 I am so grateful to that my life is filled with so many wonderful women. Thank you everyone!
And thanks to Victoria and Michelle for taking photographs of the party :)


  1. Ahhh so cute! I love the little advice notebook!
    xo Heather

  2. The "make a future date" is such a cute idea! Love it :)



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