Monday, October 15, 2012

Wedding Talk No. 7

The weekend following my southern California bridal shower I had another one in Northern California where Tony grew up. His mother's close friends threw me a bridal tea shower. Above is my soon to be mother in law, Michelle, me, Katie (matron of honor) and close family friend Mary. 
We arrived at Margo's right on time. The scene was so pretty.
Each table had a floral arrangement in a tea pot.
There were even little arrangements on all the buffet tables.
Each table has different china settings with vintage tea cups, lemon curd, butter, sugar and cream.
So beautiful!
These cranberry scones baked by co host Susan, were a HUGE hit. They were irresistible. Even though I'm on a diet, I decided to put it aside for the day of my bridal shower. I maybe over indulged a bit, but these were to blame!
There were tons of tea sandwiches, fruits, chocolates, cupcakes and macarons.
Even creme brulee for dessert!
Thanks to Michelle for taking all these photos. That's our best man David next to her, Tony's younger brother.

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