Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wedding Talk No. 8

For my bridal party thank you cards, I scanned the design of my bridal party invitations (made by Jill K in LA)  and placed four on an 8x5 x 11 piece of paper. Staples printed high quality color copies and even let me use their paper cutter. 
I dedicated one morning to writing all my thank you notes. As the wedding gets closer, I am feeling the time crunch but I didn't want to put off the small things that mean a lot.
It took me a few hours but it's so satisfying to have a big pile of mail to send out. It feels good to get things done.
My return address stamp included two parts. My face stamp (and tonys) played a role in our invitations so I wanted to incorporate it into other aspects of wedding related paper.
I have a huge pile of bridal shower cards, notes, and letters. I like getting cards as much as the presents. 29 days and counting!


  1. you are soooo good w/ correspondence :) i love everything about your notes/envelopes/addressing/stamps.



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