Monday, November 19, 2012

Guest Post No. 17 Cotton & Flax

I’m Erin Dollar, the creator and maker-in-chief of Cotton & Flax. I’m currently living in Los Angeles, California, but I am a native Oregonian, and a Portland girl at heart. I’m obsessed with printmaking, textile design, snail mail, reading books, and geeking out about handmade culture in general. Visit my blog, shop, or twitter to learn more!
I am a big fan of vintage postcards, and I keep an eye out for them whenever I step in a vintage shop, or visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I just bought a handful of great ones a few weeks ago, and I'd love to share them with you all.
I love the strange, colorful charm of old travel postcards. They feel so much more romantic than contemporary travel postcards, and the nostalgia factor makes them even more charming. There is something about an old postcard that harkens back to an age where people seemed to be much more conscious of the grand majesty of the natural world around them.

The captions on these old postcards are intriguing as well. Who wouldn't want to visit the "Land of a Million Smiles"?

I keep an eye out for postcards that feature a more bland local. The contrast between these two postcards is pretty fun: one depicts a beautiful mountain landscape, and the other, a goofy looking bakery.
I'm not a big collector of vintage stamps, but I think these owl stamps would be a great match for this postcard, featuring a "perfect tree."

Postcards are such a simple way to say hello. Do you prefer vintage, or modern stationery?


  1. All of those postcards are so lovely! I adore how the vintage ones are usually printed on that textured paper (don't know what it's called) as opposed to postcards nowadays, which have that glossy, mass-produced kind of feel.

    1. They are linen- mostly made during the 40's during the war years.

  2. Great finds Erin. Wish I could come across vintage ones of Hawaii here but they're almost impossible to find in the islands. I love the look of vintage ones a whole lot.

  3. Oh, I much prefer vintage. I have to say that it makes me a bit sad that no one sense postcards anymore. I rarely receive one, but I always pick them up at estate sales or garage sales. Even if they have been written on. They just seem like the next thing that will become extinct.
    I know that you shop at the Rose Bowl flea market but you should try the Long Beach flea market-it has much better prices! Promise!

  4. I love vintage- especially ones that have been written back then. I love the thought of those postcards - where they have been, I also love the addresses sometimes just with a name and city- pre zip code.



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