Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Guest Post No. 18 Merissa Cherie

Aloha Paper Pastries friends, so happy to be here today. I'm Merissa and just like Margaret, I too love stationery and  mail. So today, I decided on showing you an easy way to take a plain paper envelope and add a bit of coolness to it by using paper scraps and whatever you wish.

Feel free to get creative. Use stickers, rubber stamps, clip art, and random pieces of paper. I came across a subscription insert in a Japanese book that I found interesting and turned my junk mail envelopes inside out and used the security lining, I used both in my envelope collage. Just be sure that everything is properly glued down. I love Mono Aqua liquid glue and Mono Adhesive Permanent sticky tape, both by Tombow. Collaging would also be great on an inner envelope if you wish. Brighten a mailbox today, send some snail mail art to someone. 
Mahalo Margaret for having me here at Paper Pastries. It was truly a pleasure. xo, Merissa.
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