Monday, November 12, 2012

Guest Post No. 12 Le Petit Elefant

Hello hello hi! I'm Genevieve Santos of Le Petit Elefant reporting live from New York City. You can usually find me in the Bay Area or Los Angeles painting whimsical illustrations of kids in forts and eating ice cream, but today you've caught me in the middle of my annual Autumn east coast vacation. I thought I'd share my adventures thus far. Here we gooo!
I visit New York in the Autumn to see the leaves change and have a holiday before the holidays. This time around, I witnessed the first snow of the season.

 The winter wonderland I awoke to that inspired me to doodle.
Autumn & Winter collide! By the end of the day, most of the snow had melted :(
In Williamsburg on my walk from Yoga to the People to Artist & Fleas.
Sake in a can (19% alcohol!!) & pork bone ramen at Chuko
At the Lomography Gallery Store. I immediately thought of Dabito & your favorite bride-to-be, Margaret :)
I hope this guest post gives you the travel/adventure bug! If you want some food suggestions for NYC, try here. Enjoy!

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