Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guest Post No. 21 Life etc.

My name is Magali & I'm a blogger & photographer. I blog at Life etc. & I'm an avid instagrammer too, that's actually where I discovered Paper Pastries! I live in the huge city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India.
I'm excited & a little nervous because in three & a half years of blogging, this is the first guest post I'm doing. I'm thankful to Margaret who invited me here & happy to be filling in for a bit here while she gets married!!
Film photography is one of my favorite hobbies so today I'm going to be showing you something that combines my hobby & my city : photos of a bit of my daily life, on film.
Mumbai local trains have the largest passenger density of any urban railway system in the world. It is part of the daily commute for thousands of Mumbaikars & always overcrowded during peak hours. In the rare occurrence of a railway strike, so many people get stranded & there's a lot of overall chaos.
Right now I'm work mostly out of home but for four years of college the trains were a big part of my day too. I had to go to college early in the morning (not very pleasant!) but the commute back home was always enjoyable. It was afternoon so trains were pretty empty & it was fun to look out the door.
One day I decided to chronicle a bits of my day with my toy camera, a cheap Superheadz Wide Lens camera with a plastic lens & no batteries. This is what I got:
One of the Golden Rules of Lomography states 'Try the Shot from the Hip' which basically means you should click pictures from different perspectives without looking through the viewfinder & all of these are just that. I just stuck my hand out & clicked! (it's easy to do when the camera is so light). The first two were taken when the train was moving, so I like how the photos covey that. That is what I like most about film photography- it's not perfect but the resultant images are more real that any of my digital photos.
I hope you enjoyed your short vicarious commute through Mumbai with me. Thanks again for having me over, Margaret!

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