Friday, November 30, 2012

Guest Post No. 24 Beebee

Hello there, I’m beebee from I am a student, blogger, and aspiring designer from Malibu, California. I love exploring my garden, taking photographs, crafting, winter sweaters, and letter writing.
I recently ordered from the newly opened Fog Linen Shop, which sells gorgeous linens, tea towels, checkered trays, incredibly soft pillowcases, and simply pure, and minimalistic daily items that you just can’t live without. Upon receiving my order (which consisted of two lovely gingham tea towels and a pack of linen tapes!), I hoped that I would be one of the first 75 Fog Linen customers, as they were giving away a free “Around Fog Linen” book/catalog filled with inspiration for the home, crafts, and a peek into the lives of many creators. So, as I opened up my package, my eyes lit up as I slowly pulled out my shiny new book.
I must say, it is filled to the brim with exceptionally well- lit photographs, homes so beautiful and perfect that they are impossible not to envy, and interesting interviews with questions such as, “what is your breakfast today?” I was sold on the first page.
The overall layout is different that what one would expect, as it organized in such a way that the pictures are randomly placed on the page, but somehow, it works. The book itself has certainly been perfected to the last page, as the paper stock, font, and even smell of the book has been meticulously selected. Of course, this doesn’t surprise me, as Fog Linen’s products are always designed tastefully.
My favorite interview was of “Sally and Chris” from design within reach (one of my favorite design shops!), as their home seems to come straight out of a catalog, and I also appreciate the fact that they have a wall of washi tape. Simply genius.
Anywho, “Around Fog Linen” is available for purchase on their main webstore, Fog Linen Work, along with their other lovely publication.

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