Saturday, December 1, 2012

Guest Post No. 25 Omoi Zakka Shop (with discount code!)

Greetings from Philadelphia! Omoi Zakka Shop here, writing today's guest post while the missus is away.

We're a jam packed little gift boutique located just off the Rittenhouse Square shopping & restaurant district in Philadelphia. Established in 2006, we started off calling ourselves Omoi, a Japanese word meaning thoughts and ideas, nuanced with feelings of hope and sincerity. The owner Liz studied abroad at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan (not to mention a high school stay in Kobe). She was so enthralled by the level of care and detail in Japanese shopping culture that when she got back, she decided to open a store like you might find there. Later, she was joined by another Kansai Gaidai alum, web coordinator Maggie (that's me!), and since then we've been growing and growing! 

The shop staff on Halloween.
We call ourselves a zakka shop, which is another word we picked up in Japan. Zakka shops sell any range of items that have an appealing and conscious design, which are typically small, useful items for your everyday life. For example, why have a school store notebook when instead you can have a thoughtfully designed one that makes you happy every time you pull it out of your bag? Likewise, why bring your lunch in an unreliable plastic container when you can have a dedicated lunch box that's as charming and convenient as it is easy to clean? Our store is full of stuff like that, so naturally we added "Zakka Shop" to our name. But why don't you have a look around the shop to get a better idea of things?

We have a bit of a washi tape obsession.

Our Japanese planners selection back in August for the new school year.

Our Korean open-dated planner selection in time for the new year.

Japanese denim goods and hand crafted wooden brushes from Sweden.

But a paltry sampling of our desktop accessories.

Aside from stationery, we're known for our bento selection and unique kitchen and bar goods.

We find bottle openers make great house warming gifts. :)

Just a peek at some of our accessories, room fragrance, kiri-e prints and the like . . .

We've gotten quite popular for our always changing selection of our Japanese writing utensils. 

And of course, we run a pretty consistent blog, which is coincidentally how dear Margaret found us!

If you like us too, visit us at and get 20% OFF your online order with promo code PAPERLOVERS, until DEC 7.
Thanks for reading, and thank you to Margaret for inviting us to guest post. Congratulations on getting married! \^o^/

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