Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guest Post No. 26

Hi all, my name is Priti Patel and I’m a freelance writer, I usually focus on weddings but I have a love for all things beautiful!  I was going through the Paper Pastries shop and was inspired by the amazing Christmas Mailing Set. I’m very excited to share with you some other things I was inspired by based on the set. I love the sparkle and shine that comes with the holidays!
After stumbling upon this cupcake on Pinterest, I was a little disappointed to find that it was made at a bakery all the way on the other side of the country in Washington.  It was too cute not to share though!  On a brighter note, the gorgeous red dress is available at David’s Bridal and, even though it is technically a bridesmaid dress, I think it makes for the perfect holiday dress.
As creative as I wish I was, I was unfortunately not as blessed as some of you wonderful DIY-ers.  Thankfully there’s Etsy for people like me! I love this wreath and these sparkling silver crochet snowflakes.
I hope I’ve inspired some of you to get into the holiday spirit, ‘tis the season!

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