Monday, December 3, 2012

Life Change

Well, I'm back to work (kind of) and a married woman. A HUGE thank you to all my guest bloggers. I was happy knowing the blog was in good hands while I was away. It's been a whirlwind past few weeks. The wedding was wonderful and I am excited to share photos of the day once I get them.
Right after we got married, Tony and I took a few days to ourselves and spent them in northern California. It was very relaxing and romantic and just what we needed. Then we celebrated Thanksgiving with Tony's family and that weekend we came back to LA. Tony's job needs him on a project in Carlsbad, California, which is about 90 miles south of LA. He went straight there- and I was left to pack up our entire condo AND my work space. Luckily, my parents and Tony's mom were able to help. The movers came and hauled everything away to our new house (see above). It's so weird! We went from one bedroom to a three bedroom, a roof deck to a full backyard, and one parking spot to a full driveway. I am one of those people who live in LA and LOVE it. I never hated on my city the way other people do. I love everything about it and I am so sad to be moving. I think our condo is perfect, and the location has everything I could ever want. But, if Tony can't be there it's pretty much useless to me. I am and will always be a city mouse, but I guess for a little while I'll be a suburb mouse :)
If you or anyone you know is looking for a place to rent in LA, you can check out our condo here. I have a feeling it won't be too long until we are back in LA, even if it's just for the weekend.
Here is a little bit of our backyard. Don't worry, we have a gardner- I do not have a green thumb.
I couldn't wait to get back to blogging, even though I am clearly avoiding unpacking all these boxes.
It's crazy, I never thought we had that much stuff, until I had to move it all. Every room in the house looks like this. Now it's time to get back to business.
A few years ago I made some house moving announcements for my friends Josh and Wendy. We took a picture of their house and I made it into a stamp. That was a more graphic look, and for a while I had been wanting to try out a hand drawn style.
This is it. I fooled around with it for months, kept throwing it away, then coming back to it and finally it was ready. 
You can get your own in the shop here, and as a thank you for my blog readers, enjoy 20% off every order this week, just enter "CITYMOUSE" at checkout.


  1. It's so funny-I live in Long Beach, and I'm always surprised when I visit a blog and they {or someone they know} lives in the LBC {or in So Cal}. Anyways-the designs look great!

  2. Congrats on all of it :) Where in NorCal did you go? We went to Mendocino for our honeymoon and it was beautiful there! Would love to go back. Don't worry about unpacking--the boxes will wait for you as long as you want them to :p



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