Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sent with Love No. 16 {The holiday edition}

Last weekend's craft fair went very well. I am still trying to get my house in order- I left my studio room in a sorry state packing for Renegade. Well it was in my best intentions to get that squared away on Monday. But I had an issue with my washing machine, errands to run, and stamp proofs to make. Then Tuesday came and went. And now it's Wednesday 12/12 and I still have not sent out my holiday cards! Terrible, I know. So this morning after breakfast I sat down and wrote my holiday cards. I have some gems this year, from snow and graham, a favorite, sass & peril, hello lucky, kate funk, carolyn suzuki, cavallini, rock scissor paper, dee and lala, and more.
I picked these up from carolyn suzuki in person at Unique LA. 
Hello Lucky designs are always at the top of my list too, the detail in this one is incredible.
I think this one is the best- design wise.
I cleaned myself out of my postage collection!
all photos by margaret haas


  1. these are fun!! i never spend money on cute cards because i tell myself i'm going to make my own... and then i never do, haha. i love the caroyln suzuki ones!


  2. yay for mailing holiday cards :) i am so happy to have discovered carolyn suzuki. she's such a good designer!!

  3. I love the sweater-wearing dachshunds!!! Too cute :)



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