Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Buried Treasure No. 15

These are from our good friends, Daniel and Jessica's wedding. I love coming across old photos, don't you? Well, these aren't exactly old- just under two years but I have not seen them since I got them developed. I took my holga and wide angle cameras to shoot with. I was sure to get a good seat to get a shot of Jessica coming down the aisle. She's always so happy + pretty, but she was especially that day :)
The aisle was strewn with white rose petals. The smell was divine!
A toast to the 'cool kids' table.
Their gorgeous wedding cake.
And the funnest part of the night- the hora. My foot was broken at their wedding, so I wasn't much on the dance floor, but it was fun watching them from the sidelines. I love weddings but when it's someone you're close with, it makes the whole event so much more special. Who will get married next?? I'll be sure to take my cameras :)
all photos by margaret haas

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