Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fika !

When my friend Stacy asked me if I liked Fika- I thought it was a sugar substitute- like splenda! I was wrong :)
After she explained what it was, I said "Of course, what's not to like?"
While perusing the market cafe at IKEA last week I came across this fika recipe book. Isn't it amazing?
I love all the photos and the recipes sound delicious! I'll want to try some of these recipes for our annual tea party.
 Where can I get some sugar cane?
You can find the book at your local ikea- it was $9! Hardcover! Ikea is insane.
all photos by margaret haas.

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  1. You can find sugar cane easily at Mexican markets! Sugar cane is often used in Mexican desserts (there's this popular sweet soup made with fruits and sugar cane). The sugar cane that I've come across are long (think bamboo sticks) but they're easily to cut down and be careful when you're shaving off the skin! I hope this helps!



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