Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sent with Love No. 19

Since Tony started on this new project, he's been working long days. I, once again, am working from home. There are pros, like not having to take off my robe, and cons, like not interacting with anyone else. Now more than ever, I appreciate mail. It's like having a friend pop over for a visit. These were the first cards I received in my new home. Thank you Brady, Allie and Sasha!
Usually I hang up all of our holiday cards but this year, since not many people knew our new address we only got a few. These were cherished, and hung up on the fridge :)
These were the first cards I ever sent out from my new address.
I picked up some great new cards from the holiday craft fairs, these are from Rock Scissor Paper. 
Silk screened postcards from Cotton & Flax 
Letterpress birthday cards from Carolyn Suzuki. 
This one is my favorite! Love the detail.
All photos by margaret haas.

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