Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sent with Love No. 21

Even though I had sent out a bunch of Valentines earlier in the week, I also sent some extra special packages to some extra special people.
I had some small gifts to include along with some candy. Is it really Valentines without some chocolate? I think not.

I forgot to tell Erika- I found this magnet at the DDR museum (GDR; German: Deutsche Demokratische Republik[ˈdɔʏtʃə demoˈkʀaːtɪʃə ʀepuˈbliːk] or DDR) in Berlin. This was the only typewriter available to the people in the German Democratic Republic- the east side of the Berlin Wall. I was actually able to type on it.  It’s adorable!
I also got some fun nail polish for Billie. She admired my manicure when we had lunch and wanted to know the colors. I found them for her. 
 I used bags from whisker graphics, rubber stamps, and a label maker. 
In addition to some Valentines, I also had some thank you notes to send. Another successful mailing :)
all photos by margaret haas.



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