Thursday, January 10, 2013


I for one, LOVE valentines day. I make sure to send everyone special in my life a Valentine. Girlfriends, cousins, pen pals, they all get a Valentine from this girl. 33 days left until Valentines Day, are you ready? We just listed some love/valentines cards in the shop here.
And we fell in love with this fun card making kit from Cavallini. It has everything you need to send out the most adorable cards. Let someone know you love them and are thinking of them. It's a great feeling :)


  1. I love these & I love sending stuff out for VDay too! We should be pen pals, Margaret :)

    1. hi ann,
      I don't want to over extend myself- I currently have 15 pen pals. If i think i can take on more later this year, i'll be sure to blog about it. In the meantime i'd be happy to set you up with a pen pal. just email me your name, age, address and interests.

  2. I love Valentines day too! I never say pink is my favorite color but I just love how everything pink, red, with hearts everywhere this time of year :) This year I vow to send out Valentines (since I never got around to Christmas or New Years cards).



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