Thursday, February 28, 2013

Milchy and Otto

If you follow me on instagram, this is old news but we got another kitten! The pound and the vet both said another kitten would allow Milchy to come out of her shell. So less than a week after we got her, I was at the pound again. This red tab was the first kitten I saw, and he was so friendly. Before you decide if you want a pet or not, they allow some play time in a room together. As soon as we were in the room, he got up in my lap as if to say "what's the hold up? take me home" So I did. Everything the pound said about him flew out the window! They said he would be shy of new places; he bolted out of the bathroom and headed to find the couch right away. They said he doesn't like to be held; he kept pushing my laptop out of the way so he could make room for himself. He is so sweet and playful and Milchy LOVES him.
Every afternoon they can be found snoozing away together.
Otto loves to wake me up by getting in my face- "where's my breakfast?" 
They both like watching the sunset behind the curtains. That's also the warmest spot in the house ;) 
I am SO happy that they get along so well! 
My girl was too lonely and shy without him and I'm so glad they have each other. For day to day pictures of them you can follow me via instagram, my name is paperpastries.
All photos taken with my iphone and edited with afterglow app.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Favorite Shop Series Pt. 13

I'm sure you all know the wonderful blog 74 lime lane written and curated by Australian Kellie. I love her feature titled "paper trail" where she shares a round up of her favorite stationery finds. Did you also know that she has an online shop where she sells her beautiful prints? I just had to pick some up for my new home.
In addition to the prints I ordered she threw in another postcard and some adorable tags.
Aren't these just the best colors?
I couldn't resist the tea prints either.
All prints from 74 Lime Lane.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New from Small Adventure

I am a big fan of Keiko's line Small Adventure and she just debuted some great new prints! Flowers of North America and...
Butterflies of North America. Aren't they beautiful? I could see her prints working in everything from a child's room to a dining room. I, of course, want one of each!
These new designs are also available as card sets.
Can you pick a favorite? I can't!
You can find her new prints, plus a few old favorites in her shop here.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sent with Love No. 23

This is my Valentine's day bounty from Tony and my pen pals. A heart shaped clutch, chocolates, candies, lip balm, nail polishes and rubber stamps. Just a few of my favorite things! Clutch from, bear and heart stamp from paper source, envelope arrow stamp from the letter writers alliance (you must be a member to view page).
I also got a ton of great Valentines.
I received letters from Donovan in Chicago, Kate in the U.K., and Jeni in Canada. 
We still have some wedding gifts arriving with notes, cards and well wishes. I also received a few thank you notes for some gifts I recently sent.
Don't you just love mail?

Friday, February 22, 2013

New Product - Personalized State Address Stamp

This is a no brainer right? After I debuted the pet address stamp, Allie suggested running with this theme of shape stamps. You can order the stamp with any state shape, I just choose California as the example because I live here and I love it.
Right now the stamp is listed in the shop as $60. This is an introductory price, good until March 16th. 
You can find the state stamp in the shop.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gifted No. 13

I sent my friend Sasha a small baby gift after the arrival of her sweet baby boy. Isn't this lion adorable?
Everything Sass & Peril makes is too cute!
This is a new line I found at paper source. I can't remember the name of it but every animal is a cut paper collage.
This I also found at paper source. It's a quick way to jot down a memory of baby's first 5 years, just one line a day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elementary Alphabets

I am always on the lookout for new calligraphy inks. Whenever I'm in an art supply store, I browse their selection. Last time I was in Santa Cruz I popped in to Palace arts. They had this book by the calligraphy supplies.
I love lettering so I immediately picked it up and started going through the pages.
There are guides on how to write standard letters.
Different examples of variations.
Thicker letters for posters and signs.
This book is great!
You never know where you can come across something like this. Keep your eyes open!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Giveaway Winners

Hello! We hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day :) Thanks to all who entered the giveaway, it was so fun reading everyone's favorite Valentine's memories. After much deliberation, we have our three winners:
Blog Winner Christina D. Malta
"Last year, Valentine's Day was four days before my husband deployed. We had never celebrated VDay in a big way before, but since he was leaving we both took the day off of work.
The day began with a breakfast date at Snooze, a hot new breakfast spot in San Diego, where we had always been deterred by the long wait that can be expected on weekends. We saw a 10:30 AM showing of "The Vow," perused local shops, took a short but gorgeous run together in Torrey Pines, and picked up pizza from our favorite non-delivery pizza place to eat at home in order to avoid the dinner crowds.
The entire day was amazing, but the best part was watching my husband tear up upon opening my special gift to him--my new social security card, wrapped up in a fancy box, and bearing his last name. I had been hesitant to change my name when we had married 2.5 years before, and he mentioned a few times that he would like it if we shared a last name. My gift was an unexpected surprise for him and was very emotional for us both, especially considering his impending deployment. I'm not sure what this Valentine's Day holds in store for us, but I'm glad that he's back home and able to enjoy it with me again this year."
Instagram WinnerGourmetpens "Growing up i never had any boyfriends. my mom always gave me a card or candy or plush toy. She doesnt do it anymore but I wish she still did. I think i'll give her something this year."
Pinterest WinnerMeghan Donovan who said "When I was little my mom had a valentine’s day party for my friends and I, my favorite part was rolling out our own pretzel dough, in the shape of hearts of course!"

Congratulations you three! Remember, you can choose any stamp from our custom stamp options in the shop. To claim your prize, just email us at paperpastries (at) gmail (dot) com. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day! I'm going to spend the day doing things I love. I hope everyone has a fantastic day, wherever you are and treat yourself ;)
P.S. The giveaway closes tonight at midnight, get your entry in if you haven't. Winners announced here tomorrow.
photobooth picture of me and tony from 2003

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sent with Love No. 22

I've gotten into a routine I'm happy with in our new home. Every morning I wake up, then head to the kitchen to boil some water. In early January I really liked Tazo's awake tea, but now my current favorite is fresh and easy's green tea with lemon. It's also a great complement to something sweet, like this berry banana bread.
During or after I have breakfast, I take an hour to do anything I want before I head into the studio. That can be letter writing, blogging or pinterest. This morning I decided to organize my vintage stamps and figure out letters to return.
I've been getting some great mail recently!
Sometimes I can go a whole week without receiving anything, then on one day, I'll get 6 letters.
Allie sent me this little wooden bird of paradise. Doesn't he have the cutest face?
Even if I can't respond that day, I still like to log the letter in the ledger. 
I sent out some thank you notes,
and decided it was time to take down holiday cards off the fridge.
I don't have a set time when to change out what's on our fridge. Since I see it every day, I guess I just wait until I feel like it needs to be changed up.
I did particularly like this assortment though. These have been up since we returned from our honeymoon.
But now it's time for a change. These will go in my letters storage box, and now I'll decide what goes up on the fridge.
P.S. If you have not submitted, you still have 2 more days to enter the custom stamp giveaway. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Kitten Milchy

Well, we pretty much had the best weekend ever. My sister, brother in law, and brother came down to visit us. After lunch, we decided to go over to the humane society. There were a lot of cuties there but once Tony saw this one, the search was over. They made us wait over an hour to even meet her. I guess they want to make sure you are serious! Then we filled out this intense application form, and had a q and a session. I am glad they are thorough. A family was interested in her but she was very shy around children, so they didn't get to take her home. Lucky us!
She just turned 4 months old, it says so on her adoption papers. She also just got fixed a day before we met her, which is why she was a little out of it. Operations can do that to a person, or a cat. The humane society told us that she was brought in via a feral trap. When they went out to the parking lot to get her, they saw the trapper kick her cage. Can you believe that? How can people be so cruel? Just thinking about this little angel being scared and alone and kicked makes me want to cry. So imagine having to go through that, being taken away from your family, abused, then operated on. The horror! Nothing like that will ever happen to her again. She is going to be so spoiled.
We had a full 24 hours with her to decide on a name. We bounced around a lot of ideas. She is a snowshoe siamese mix. Her paws look like she walked in snow. Her little muzzle looks like she dunked in in milk. When we were in Germany on our honeymoon we thought milche, the German word for milk, was pronounced "milchy." Of course, we were way off, but it's still fun to say it our way. That's how she got her name.
She is very sweet. I think she's a little tender still from her operation. She was very shy and freaked out a little bit when we first brought her home. After a day, she has really opened up. We got her one of the hideous carpet climbers which she really likes. She is playing with a feather toy that Tony picked out for her. Only bad news is that I have to take her to get her rabies shots soon. I don't want to overwhelm her in her first week.
If you'd like to see more day to day photos, I'm sharing them on my instagram feed @paperpastries, and my sister also has some pics @strawberrykate.
We love her!
all photos taken when iphone and edited using afterglow.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Giveaway !

It's no secret that I love Valentine's Day. I always send out cards, and have a special treat on the actual day. I know some people don't care for it- but what's not to like? Even when I didn't have a special someone, I still celebrated with friends and family. It's about showing someone you care- it doesn't have to be romantic. I have so many great memories of Valentine's days. 
VDay 1991, when I was in first grade, I had chicken pox on Valentine's day. I had written everyone in my class a card and attached a piece of candy to it- how were they going to get them? My older sister Katie, said she'd drop them off for me. I felt a little better but I was still sad to miss the day. When she came home from school she had a special delivery- my decorated box filled with Valentine's from my classmates. Not only that, but she read each one aloud to me while I enjoyed the candy. Even though I wasn't able to be there with my classmates, I still felt like I had celebrated with them. I'll never forgot that!
VDay 2008, I got home from work a bit late that night. Tony was working long hours so we didn't make plans to go out. When I arrived, he was making me (from scratch) chicken pot pies. These things are just ridiculously delicious and I can easily say it's my favorite home made meal. He put them in heart shaped ramekins and we had a romantic meal at home. Side note, last year, he made those for me right before he proposed! Great memories of chicken pot pies too :) And it's true what you hear, the way to my heart was through my stomach.
It's around this time of year that I'm reminded of the things I love, what's important to me. I love my husband, my family, my friends. I love that I'm able to work at my dream job, pouring my heart and soul into things I make-  and I love you guys! The readers of this blog, my pinterest and instagram followers- actual people that care about the things I do. THANK YOU! To show my gratitude I'm giving away of three of ANY Paper Pastries custom stamps, and you have three chances to win.
 Here's how to enter-
           On this blog: Leave a comment sharing your favorite Valentine's Day memory- it can be a surprise or something you received in the mail.
           On pinterest: I've pinned this image to my pinterest page here. Just repin it, and share your favorite VDay memory in the pin. Be sure to tag it #paperpastries so I can find it!
           On instagram: I've shared it in my stream @paperpastries - like the picture and share your favorite Vday memory in the comments.
You can enter three times- but you must have three different memories :)
This giveaway is open from today through Feb. 14th, 2013.
Katie and I will choose our favorites and announce the winners on Feb. 15th, so be sure to check back here for the winner's names and comments.
Good Luck!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Product - Hand lettered Name Stamp

This is the last of the new products- at least for a little while. In my newly relocated home, I've made a spare bedroom my work space. Now that I don't have a separate space to go work, I spend a lot of time at home, by myself. It really makes me miss LA and makes me think of all the fun I had with my friends and family. One of my favorite things about being in LA was running the pen pal club. I just loved getting together with this great group of women to snack, write letters, and craft. This new product was inspired by the youngest member of pen pal club, Ruby. I love Ruby's enthusiasm for card making and letter writing. She has a fantastic collection of markers, glitter pens, stickers, and stamps- and she's very sweet and generous with them. When I was her age, I had an insane rubber stamp collection. I think I would have just about died if I got a custom stamp with my name on it, so I wanted to make one for her.
Then I made one for her mom, because without Clare, Ruby would not be as great as she is.
Then I just got carried away. I made 13 designs in all. You can check them out in the shop.
These stamps were the most fun to make. I got to doodle tons of different prototypes then Katie helped me decide on which ones to make. More may be added in the future, if the mood strikes.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Products- Hand lettered Custom Stamps

I was inspired by a family that was created with baby Eli came along. They need a stamp to celebrate their new status! One day I was addressing a letter to them when I became obsessed with figuring out how to fit their names together. I finally came up with a layout I liked, so I scanned it in and starting fooling around with it in photoshop. I think the shapes add a playful touch.
I couldn't decide on negative/positive space so I made both. Find them in the shop here: Family name stamps.
One of my pen pals was extra helpful during my wedding planning process. She found all the vintage postage I used on our save the dates and invitations. I wanted to make her a stationery set as a thank you and I liked it so much that I decided to offer it in the shop.
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