Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Product - Hand lettered Name Stamp

This is the last of the new products- at least for a little while. In my newly relocated home, I've made a spare bedroom my work space. Now that I don't have a separate space to go work, I spend a lot of time at home, by myself. It really makes me miss LA and makes me think of all the fun I had with my friends and family. One of my favorite things about being in LA was running the pen pal club. I just loved getting together with this great group of women to snack, write letters, and craft. This new product was inspired by the youngest member of pen pal club, Ruby. I love Ruby's enthusiasm for card making and letter writing. She has a fantastic collection of markers, glitter pens, stickers, and stamps- and she's very sweet and generous with them. When I was her age, I had an insane rubber stamp collection. I think I would have just about died if I got a custom stamp with my name on it, so I wanted to make one for her.
Then I made one for her mom, because without Clare, Ruby would not be as great as she is.
Then I just got carried away. I made 13 designs in all. You can check them out in the shop.
These stamps were the most fun to make. I got to doodle tons of different prototypes then Katie helped me decide on which ones to make. More may be added in the future, if the mood strikes.



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