Friday, February 22, 2013

New Product - Personalized State Address Stamp

This is a no brainer right? After I debuted the pet address stamp, Allie suggested running with this theme of shape stamps. You can order the stamp with any state shape, I just choose California as the example because I live here and I love it.
Right now the stamp is listed in the shop as $60. This is an introductory price, good until March 16th. 
You can find the state stamp in the shop.


  1. Love this, especially given California is the place I lovingly call home. :) Your blog makes me want to write more letters. :)


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. This rubber stamp is great, your photos are beautiful, interesting & unique. I love your creativity and handmade art. I just happened to see (favorite) this item on Etsy & hoped you'd have a blog. I'd really like if you could check out my blogs . . . and would be really happy if you'd like to follow me. xo!

    PS: started following you on Pinterest and chuckled a little that you like Mindy Kaling too. :)



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