Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Kitten Milchy

Well, we pretty much had the best weekend ever. My sister, brother in law, and brother came down to visit us. After lunch, we decided to go over to the humane society. There were a lot of cuties there but once Tony saw this one, the search was over. They made us wait over an hour to even meet her. I guess they want to make sure you are serious! Then we filled out this intense application form, and had a q and a session. I am glad they are thorough. A family was interested in her but she was very shy around children, so they didn't get to take her home. Lucky us!
She just turned 4 months old, it says so on her adoption papers. She also just got fixed a day before we met her, which is why she was a little out of it. Operations can do that to a person, or a cat. The humane society told us that she was brought in via a feral trap. When they went out to the parking lot to get her, they saw the trapper kick her cage. Can you believe that? How can people be so cruel? Just thinking about this little angel being scared and alone and kicked makes me want to cry. So imagine having to go through that, being taken away from your family, abused, then operated on. The horror! Nothing like that will ever happen to her again. She is going to be so spoiled.
We had a full 24 hours with her to decide on a name. We bounced around a lot of ideas. She is a snowshoe siamese mix. Her paws look like she walked in snow. Her little muzzle looks like she dunked in in milk. When we were in Germany on our honeymoon we thought milche, the German word for milk, was pronounced "milchy." Of course, we were way off, but it's still fun to say it our way. That's how she got her name.
She is very sweet. I think she's a little tender still from her operation. She was very shy and freaked out a little bit when we first brought her home. After a day, she has really opened up. We got her one of the hideous carpet climbers which she really likes. She is playing with a feather toy that Tony picked out for her. Only bad news is that I have to take her to get her rabies shots soon. I don't want to overwhelm her in her first week.
If you'd like to see more day to day photos, I'm sharing them on my instagram feed @paperpastries, and my sister also has some pics @strawberrykate.
We love her!
all photos taken when iphone and edited using afterglow.


  1. She is so lucky to have such a wonderful new family after a bad start to her life. She is so beautiful and I look forward to seeing more snaps of Milchy!

    1. :) thanks Kate! We just had a lovely morning of playing with her favorite toy and a snack. I was too sleepy to take photos but I will later on today.

  2. She is so cute! Fell in love with her when I saw her over on your instagram!

    1. Thanks Magali! She really is such a cutie in person.

  3. She's a beauty! Happy to hear she'll be in a safe and loving home :)



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