Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Buried Treasure No. 16

The Sunday after we got married, Tony and I took a "mini moon" up north to Tomales Bay and San Francisco. Since our actual honeymoon was planned for later that December, we just wanted to take a quick trip right after the wedding for some alone time. It was only four days, we didn't want to go too far since Thanksgiving was that Thursday. We stayed at Nick's Cove in the Nicolina Cabin. It's an old, converted boat that's right over on the water.
 I really fell in love with this place. Everything from the staff to the complimentary oysters upon check in was perfect.
I also like having my car parked right outside. The weather was cold, overcast and sometimes rainy so it was nice to not have to be parked far away.
The cabin is decorated simply and beautifully.
It feels like everything inside has been there since the day this place opened- but the tv is up to date.
The view was so relaxing. We really wanted nothing else than a place that was secluded and beautiful.
Tony loved running this little stove to heat up the room.
On Monday we woke up and explored the place. There's a little island you can see from our deck.
And a short walk away, a pier.

That's Tony and the Nickolina cabin is second from the right.

This little cabin was at the end of the pier, you could order food from the restaurant and have it brought down.

It was open to anyone who wanted to sit and relax.

It was very windy out that day but inside this little cabin, it was warm and toasty.

I loved this place and hope we can return soon.

all photos taken by margaret haas, 35mm film.

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