Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Etsy Pets

As soon as I got two kittens, I began searching for cat items on etsy. There's so much great stuff for pets, it's hard to sort through. After looking far and wide (online) I purchased a wool cat bed from VaivanatBecause Otto and Milchy like to nap together, I got the extra large style in gray, called "larger size" in her shop. It can be flattened or opened up to be a sort of cocoon. Because it was shipping from Europe, it took about a month but well worth the wait. Otto likes to sleep half in/half out.
Milchy likes to to have some alone time in her cave.
As soon as it arrived, they knew it was for them. They wasted no time testing it out.
It's great for hide and seek :)
When it's a little warmer, they still like to hang out on top of it.
Grooming sessions also occur on top of their bed.

♥ Afternoon joint naps.


General lounging.

The love it!

My morning routine involved feeding them, then cleaning up their mess. Milchy loves knocking food out of the bowl and it drove me crazy. I got an elevated feeder from Modern MewsI love the look of the feeder, and now it's harder for her to knock food out.
I'm very happy with my purchases from these handmade independent sellers.
all photos by margaret haas

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