Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tea Party Invitations No. 2

Every party is another occasion for fun invitations. For our tea party this year, I wanted to switch up the style from last year. I still used my custom hand carved stamp from Brown Pigeon  because it's too adorable not to :) Last year the invitations were smaller, postcard sized, so this year I got #10 cards in strawberry with blossom pink envelopes from the paper source. It's hard for me to get away from pink.
Each invitation was hand stamped in white ink, and I wrote all 25 using this white pen. 
These invitations inspired a new address stamp. I did about 5 different versions of this before I was finally happy with it.
I stamped all of them first, then laid them flat to dry. After I was sure the ink was dry I hand wrote each personal invitation.
I thought the #10 envelopes would cost more to mail but they were good to go with one stamp. Pictures of the party tomorrow.
all photos by margaret haas


  1. That is so cute! Love the stamp designs.

  2. I LOVE your stuff. I love this post even more because Virgie is my sister's first name (she goes by her middle name) and the name of my late grandmother :-)



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