Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tea Party No. 2

My sister Katie and I threw this tea party for our girlfriends last Sunday. She put together an incredible spread, with delicious home made baked treats. We had:
deviled eggs
ricotta and herb spread
herb and lemon goat cheese
blueberry cream scones
apricot scones
lemon lime tea cakes
angel food cake
raspberry preserves
chocolate  butter cookies 
plus strawberries and vegan cookies, that Brady brought.
Katie hosted at her house this year and was in charge of all the food.
I was in charge of the tea, tea cups, and tea pots.

We had a selection of loose leaf and bagged teas. Moroccan mint, a tale of two chais, sexpot, jasmine, coconut chai, oolong.
We also had cucumber- lemon water, a must.
I also brought some chocolates from Carlsbad Chocolate bar. 
I think everyone had a good time- except Sin Jun, who was harassed :)
Big thanks to Lindsay who took all the photos.

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