Monday, April 22, 2013

Custom Birth Announcements

Our really good friends, Sasha and Courtney, had a baby boy in December. I made their birth announcements and based them off a camping theme that was suggested by the couple.
I sketched out a rough draft of the camping scene then added the hand written text in later. Usually I go through about 20 sheets of paper when coming up with a new design. I figure out the different elements and how they will relate to one another in the final design. Once I was happy with everything, I printed it out but it just didn't feel right, so I made it into a rubber stamp.
The stamp is large and pretty detailed, so it took some determination to stamp evenly.
I tried a few different ink colors, but white turned out to be my favorite.

The lantern's lines were thin, so it didn't show up great in the stamp.  Nonetheless, I think it adds a "this was stamped" quality to the card ;)

As a thank you, they framed the announcement with pictures of this adorable guy. I love it! It's now in my studio. If you're interested in custom stationery, you can contact me via this link.

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