Monday, April 29, 2013

Neck of the Woods Project

I just discovered the Neck of the Woods Project while browsing on Tumblr. It's a hand lettering and illustration project that finds inspiration in local sayings from around the world. Awesome, right?
I'm familiar with the above saying, after going to college in Santa Cruz, California. The others on the site are all new to me. 
Origin: Northern California/Bay Area (“Norcal”) Meaning: extremely, very, really - e.g: That’s hella cool. That final was hella hard, I think I failed it. etc.
Origin: Louisiana, USA Meaning: “The green beans aren’t salty - times are tough [no money for salt pork or ham], but we can eat at least. It’s also used to mean “I have no spicy news for you.” 

Origin: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (most specifically the University of Michigan campus) Meaning: “It means we’re starting things late."
You can get involved in this project! Just email with the local saying, the meaning/history and the town it is are used in.
all photos/origins/meanings from neck of the woods.

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  1. Growing up my cousin in SoCal would make fun of me for saying "hecka" all the time! What can I say, I'm a true NorCal girl. I'll have to check out the project. Thanks for sharing!



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