Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I should be spring cleaning the house but instead I'm spring cleaning the shop. I was looking for a product the other day and found the shop quite hard to navigate. There is a search function but I didn't use it because I thought I could find the listing faster. I decided to group like products together. I just received new stock from Cavallini, so now you can find all the large rubber stamp sets in one listing here.
Katie and I picked these out when we went to the San Francisco Gift Show. Aren't they adorable?
We couldn't resist these new small stamp sets either.
Can you ever have too many alphabet stamp sets? I use mine all the time.
We also fell in love with these darling pencil sets that come in tins with a sharpener.
I've combined all cards by Yellow Owl Workshop, 
 Beau Ideal,
Oblation Paper. I hope this will make it easier to navigate through all the product listings. I'm also working on combining PP cards. One thing at a time! Organizing this stock and re-shooting the photos took up most of my day.
We welcome suggestions! If you see anything odd, out of place, or simply confusing, please let us know.
You can see all these listings and tons more in our shop.


  1. Such cute stamp sets! It looks good the way you reorganized things.

    1. Thank you, Cindy! It always looks odd when I change things around it's nice to hear they look good to someone else :)



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