Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wedding Talk No. 12 Thank You Cards

As soon as we received a gift, I wrote the thank you. I didn't want to be overwhelmed by tackling this later on. This plan worked great for all the gifts that we received a month or two before the wedding. Every gift there after was packed into a box for the move. When we finally got settled in to our new home, I was overwhelmed. I knew certain people had given us gifts- but where was the paperwork? Lost somewhere. And where did I put my thank you notes? Who knows! Paper & Type's gift register saved the day. 
This genius little book flips so you can keep track of what you send and receive.
Every time I found a gift receipt or card I logged it into the register.
It made keeping track of wedding thank you notes SO EASY.
Remember all the pictures people took in front of the photo wall? I printed them all out to include them with the thank you cards. Only problem was- my thank you cards were 4bar size- which is smaller than 4x6, the standard photo size. So I laid the photos out (using photoshop) onto 8x12, then cut them out. It was a major hassle and took forever. If you do the photo wall, make sure your thank you cards are at least 4x6!

I was happy with the end result, but wish I had thought ahead regarding the size.

I couldn't have sent all my thank you notes without the help of the gift register :)
all photos by Margaret Haas.

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