Friday, April 19, 2013

Wedding Talk No. 13 - Bridal Shower Invitations

My sister/matron of honor extraordinaire Katie threw me an amazing bridal shower. To set the mood of any party, you have to start with great invitations. She commissioned these adorable invitations from Jill K in LAIt was an awesome surprise to receive in the mail :)

From Katie: I approached Jill about doing the invites with a custom Margaret on the front because I love the style of her custom block carving nude portraits.  We went back and forth about what the design would be.  How her hair would look, the dress (I wanted a suggestion of her real dress so we decided on the wrap style bodice, thin straps and an a-line skirt), and, of course, the long veil.  I really wanted the portrait with glasses because it is iconic, everyday Margaret.  
We discussed a bouquet in her hands, but Jill came with the curtsey which I LOVE because it shows off the veil, and is just so cute.  We then discussed the wording.  We went with short and sweet and to the point.  I didn't want to get bogged down in cutesy sayings because I wanted the focus to be on the fabulous portrait.  I requested a coordinating envelope image (because that is one of my favorite things about her card line) and she suggested the wedding bells. I adored that idea because it was so “vintage wedding”.  It reminds me of weddings in the 50s and went well with the dress in the portrait.  Also, our mom and dad had a wedding bell cake topper.  I knew the wedding bell did not fit into the aesthetic of the wedding, but that we could fit it in here with the bridal shower.  I was so thrilled with the end result, and so was everyone that received it in the mail (lots of excited phone calls on mail day came my way).

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