Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sent with Love No. 29 Incoming and Outgoing

May has been a pretty great month for mail so far. I love seeing how every one of my pen pals decorates a particular envelope. Everyone has their own unique style. I can tell who the letter is from just by looking at how it's decorated- and of course their handwriting :)
I got a bounty of wonderful gifts from pen pals all over the world- 2 notebooks, a honey stir stick, bloom tea, erasers, puffy stickers, a fantastic pen case. Aren't I lucky?
Emma wrote me a letter and included a notebook and some items from her new shop-
Letter loves. Have you checked it out? It's a must! She also blogs here.
I had plenty of thank you notes to write so I pulled out my stash. This is when I check my letter ledger to see if I've sent a certain person this design already. 
I've been collecting postcards and it's time to go through the pile. I've started writing shorter letters on a group of postcards then tying them up together with string.
First round of thank you cards are written and sealed.
After I write shorter notes/cards, then I get into my long letters to respond to. While organizing my supplies the other day I came across my colored pencils. I love writing with colored pencils but I rarely have the chance to anymore.
No doubt, I'm sure you all know that Donovan is the Queen of mail art. I tried my hand at collage type mail art.
 I hope these stick ons last a trip to Canada!
I'm sure I'll look back at these first attempts the same way I view my intro to photo work. But, I did have fun making them so that's all that matters.
A big thanks to all my pen pals- I cherish your letters! Expect return letters soon.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recent Finds - Vintage Paper

Have you ever heard of these first day of issue envelopes? They were used to commemorate the first time a certain postage stamp was available. The cancellation is from the city where it was first issued. Since these have been canceled, you'd have to put proper postage on to mail them. I might just use them as an inner envelope so they don't get mussed. I found these to be particularly great:
I found these at the Vintage Paper Fair for only $1 each. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recent Finds - Paper Source

I try to control my spending every time I'm near a Paper Source. The last thing I need is more stationery but I'm an addict! I can't help myself and going to PS is just a "bad" idea. Sometimes they just have just too many cute new items, I couldn't resist these darling bags, Rifle labels,
 Jane Austen postcards, new home card,
 and two new rubber stamps. 
The postcard box is so beautiful.
I have a thing for beautiful containers- I love the colors and design.
The postcards are just an added bonus ;)
The hardest part will be deciding which ones to send.
Some, I might just put up in my studio.
The labels and stickers are so cute!
I can't wait to find some cute gifts to wrap them up in these bags. 
Vintage inspired designs always catch my eye, and I think these are great.
There were tons of stickers in this pack, I'm going to include some in my next set of outgoing letters.
Seeing this set of labels in person hooked me immediately. Each page is cuter than the next.

I'll try to keep my distance from Paper Source for a few weeks at least!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Buried Treasure No. 22 Palm Springs and LA

Last Spring, Tony and I were searching for a wedding venue. We spent a weekend in Palm Springs at the Ace. It was a hot, dry heat and the pool and cold drinks were very welcome.
We really enjoyed the grounds/landscaping/views but ultimately- it didn't feel like "us." Still a really fun weekend though! We do love Palm Springs :)
What's a visit to Palm Springs without a stop at the dinosaurs?
We also enjoyed a banana/date shake on the way back home to LA.
I wanted to finish my roll so we went to the LA Farmer's Market and I shot some of my favorite places. That place is just full of great signage and treats.
How I miss Los Angeles!
all photos by Margaret Haas, taken with a vintage slr camera and 35mm film.
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