Thursday, May 9, 2013

Buried Treasure No. 21 Portland

We ended our visit to Oregon with Portland. We did a ton of stuff. We went on a walking tour, which showed us a bit of the city's history.
Our guide was great and answered any and all questions. There were tons of places and parts of Portland that I had never seen before, like this Japanese American Internement camp memorial.
This city is filled with so many great signs.
Since my brother in law had never been, we thought we'd take him to voodoo donuts. 
The first time we went, we tried the location on 3rd avenue. This time we went to the one on Davis. 
 The menu is a bit overwhelming if you have trouble deciding what to order.
There are so many different options. 
We considered getting a voo doo dozen- where the staff picks what goes in the pink box. 
It smells pretty good in there. 
Do you see that monster of a donut in there?
There are even vegan options.

They have a fun, real black and white photo booth.
Since only Nat and I wanted a donut, we got one Elvis and one maple bar. I think this place is worth visiting once, try one of their inventive flavors if your sweet tooth can handle it. The line is a major deterrent for me- but I'm glad Nat got to try it out.
We went to this great old oyster bar.  
 I photo-bombed Katie and Nat's photo booth picture.
Then my dad made us go to the Dam. We had a great time! Every time I leave portland I'm already planning my next trip. In fact, it's this weekend!

If you are in Portland come see us at Crafty Wonderland. We will be there this Saturday, in the wedding section. To keep up with our current Portland updates, my instagram name is @paperpastries
Super Colossal Spring Sale  Saturday, May 11th, 2013
11am-6pm The Oregon Convention Center - Exhibit Hall D 777 NE MLK jr. Blvd. in Portland 

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