Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ebay Find - Vintage Leather Writing Case

On one of recent ebay searches, I came across a vintage leather writing case. What is this wonderful thing and why have I never heard of it? There are tons of different sizes and colors. I found this one (above) for $5. I'm still impressed by the deals one can find on ebay.
You can move the calendar to coordinate the current month and there's even a pen clip :)
It zips up, and is the perfect size and condition.


  1. I know what I'll be looking for now!

  2. This is so pretty! I've enjoyed looking through your blog! Check out Sunshine Pen Pals and join the fun!

  3. Oh this one is so beautiful. Is there any link to find one? =)

  4. There are tons on ebay and etsy- just search "vintage leather writing case"

  5. This is brilliant! I've been on the go for the past couple of months and have been falling behind on correspondences because of it. Clearly, I needed this in my life! :D

  6. Oh I have this in brown! So handy!



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