Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gifted No. 17 Mother's Day Edition

I found some great cards this year- I sent two to my mom, one to my grandma (not pictured), one to my mother in law, and one to my friend Sasha on her first mother's day. 
I got my mom and grandma each a necklace from etsy.
My mom likes those miniature clay animals so I commissioned clay replicas of Milchy and Otto from this etsy shop.
 They are so cute and tiny! They look just like them.
I also got her a notebook of Milchy and Otto, and I got my sister a notebook with SinJun on the cover.
I got these printed from costco photo center- I think they came out great. I'm not in love with spiral bound notebooks but the quality is great. You could even put a picture on the inside cover. I got lined paper for Katie's notebook and blank pages for my mom's.
I added a notepad and stickers to Katie's bundle. This way, SJ can be everywhere on her desk.
 I also got some sticker pictures printed from my favorite photo of Milchy and Otto, plus some of my favorite picture from our trip to Big Sur.
Happy Mother's Day! 

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