Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Main Man

When my friend Lindsay visited, she had her camera with her everywhere we went. One day, we came home and she still had her camera out so she decided to snap some photos of the kittens. Turns out, Milchy was being camera shy (so unlike her diva personality!) but Lindsay did get some great shots of Otto. I often refer to Otto as "my main man" since I spend all day with him.
The sun is really bright in the afternoons, it just fills the whole room up with this beautiful light. 
He knows he's not supposed to be on my computer, but he gets away with everything.
Was that a bird? I'm going to stare it down.
Those eyes!
 Such soft big paws- never any claws!
There he is again, on the computer!
Here's one of Milchy behind the curtain. Thank you Lindsay for the gorgeous pictures!
All photos taken by Lindsay Winslow.


  1. Love the paw in the camera one! Super cute. :-)

  2. and the other one is straight from hell.

  3. What beautiful photos! I especially love the one pawing at the camera.

  4. your cat is really cute, and his eyes are amazing!:D



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