Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recent Finds - Vintage Paper

Have you ever heard of these first day of issue envelopes? They were used to commemorate the first time a certain postage stamp was available. The cancellation is from the city where it was first issued. Since these have been canceled, you'd have to put proper postage on to mail them. I might just use them as an inner envelope so they don't get mussed. I found these to be particularly great:
I found these at the Vintage Paper Fair for only $1 each. 


  1. Beautiful!!! And I am a regular at the vintage paper fair here in SF. Hope you left some for me. I especially LOVE that National Letter Writing week envelope.....

    1. I think the SF edition has even better vendors. I'm going to try and make it to the one in August.

  2. Very cool envelopes! Thanks for sharing.

  3. lovely! I especially love the cactus and the squirrel ones! Adorable! I have a few ones that my dad used to collect when he was little but I can't bring myself to use them haha :-P

  4. I agree the cactus and squirrel ones are so very special!



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