Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sent with Love No. 29 Incoming and Outgoing

May has been a pretty great month for mail so far. I love seeing how every one of my pen pals decorates a particular envelope. Everyone has their own unique style. I can tell who the letter is from just by looking at how it's decorated- and of course their handwriting :)
I got a bounty of wonderful gifts from pen pals all over the world- 2 notebooks, a honey stir stick, bloom tea, erasers, puffy stickers, a fantastic pen case. Aren't I lucky?
Emma wrote me a letter and included a notebook and some items from her new shop-
Letter loves. Have you checked it out? It's a must! She also blogs here.
I had plenty of thank you notes to write so I pulled out my stash. This is when I check my letter ledger to see if I've sent a certain person this design already. 
I've been collecting postcards and it's time to go through the pile. I've started writing shorter letters on a group of postcards then tying them up together with string.
First round of thank you cards are written and sealed.
After I write shorter notes/cards, then I get into my long letters to respond to. While organizing my supplies the other day I came across my colored pencils. I love writing with colored pencils but I rarely have the chance to anymore.
No doubt, I'm sure you all know that Donovan is the Queen of mail art. I tried my hand at collage type mail art.
 I hope these stick ons last a trip to Canada!
I'm sure I'll look back at these first attempts the same way I view my intro to photo work. But, I did have fun making them so that's all that matters.
A big thanks to all my pen pals- I cherish your letters! Expect return letters soon.


  1. oh wow i wish i got mail like this! it must be wonderful receiving and sending them.

  2. so much pretty mail!! I can never get over how amazing your handwriting is!

  3. Such a good idea to note which thank you cards you've already sent to someone! And the tying multiple postcards together to make a note. I'll have to remember these. Thanks for sharing! And isn't it great to be able to recognize someone by their handwriting? I hope that never dies out!!!

  4. Such beautiful letters!! How did you come across all these wonderful pen pals?? It's something I've been thinking about getting into!




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