Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding Talk No. 14 - My Bachelorette Party

My sister/matron of Honor threw me my ideal Bachelorette Party. We started the evening off with hors d'oeuvres and drinks at Jessica's house. After drinks, we walked down to the Lexington Social House. They had a special menu printed up just for us.
Everything was delicious! I had asked Katie to find a place where we could dance and not be bothered by jerks/sleezeballs. There's an outdoor patio at the Lexington Social House that was perfect. We had a group of couches, and there was a dj playing great music. I got to hang with my ladies, drink and dance. And not one person bothered us!
I had a white tulle skirt made for the occasion from Sweet Pea and Buttercup on etsy. She made it to my measurements, with a zipper- and got it to me in three days. I love it!
I also wore it the night before my wedding. It's a really fun festive piece.
all photos from various friends.

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