Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ball Wrapping Paper DIY

My name is Lauren Donaldson of the blogs Lauren Elise Crafted and Cottage Journal and I am thrilled to be sharing here on Paper Pastries today. I have a simple packaging DIY that is inspired by the beloved Mason jar. I have been a Mason jar enthusiast for quite some time now and just recently I had the opportunity to develop my very first craft book that draws inspiration from these classic jars. Mason Jar Crafts is just getting released and it is full of original ideas for transforming your jars into works of art. The DIY today will give you a feel for what the book has to offer and hopefully encourage you to craft something new yourself. I will also be sharing a few sneak peek images from the book and offering a free copy to one lucky winner later this week so stay tuned!

The Ball logo is as iconic as the Mason jar itself, a classic emblem that still retains all of its charm and appeal. When I was brainstorming DIY ideas to share here on Paper Pastries, the concept to capture this timeless beauty seemed like the perfect project for this blog. I duplicated the Ball logo and transferred it to a carving block. By carving your own stamp, the design is something you can replicate indefinitely and on all kinds of mediums. Vintage lovers in particular will love seeing their packages adorned with this familiar logo.

- Speedball Stamp Carving Kit which includes a carving block & a wooden handle with both cutter and gouge tips
- Tracing Paper
- Pencil
- Stamp Pad
- Green Masking Paper
- Washi Tape
- Sisal Twine
- Tags
Here is how to execute this simple project.

1. Download the Ball Label and print it out.
2. Trace the logo onto tracing paper with a pencil. Flip the tracing paper over and set the design on top of the carving block. While holding the paper in place, retrace the lines with the pencil, firmly pressing down. By going back over the lines, the pencil will transfer to the carving block and make a perfect, mirrored copy.
3. Remove the tracing paper. Use the wooden handle and metal tips to carve out the logo. The cutter tip works great for details while the gouge tip works best for carving out large areas. Practice on a small piece beforehand to get the hang of it.
4. Lay out a piece of kraft or wrapping paper. I used this green masking paper that I found in the paint section of Home Depot. It has a beautiful hue and it is the perfect thickness for wrapping. Dab your newly carved stamp in the ink pad and then stamp it onto the paper. Set up a pattern, layer different colors, stamp a variety of designs, have fun with the project! I was wanting a design with uniformity so I actually measured and penciled out evenly spaced centerpoints. Allow the paper to dry for a few minutes before handling.

5. Wrap up your present! I used washi tape to secure the folds. The masking paper is very thin and easy to wrap with so washi tape is plenty strong.

6. Adorn your package with twine and tags to add more character and personal flourishes. Your handmade stamp can be used over and over again on other paper goods, more wrapping, tags, cards, scrapbooking, and much more.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the stamp carving kit. I've been wanting to try stamp carving since it looks so easy but had no idea the kit was that affordable.



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