Friday, June 14, 2013

Guess What?

I'm going to Paris! OMG! That's all I can say. Excited doesn't begin to cover it. I'm going to Paris, at the end of June. I just keep saying that because I can't really believe it.
I am a planner. It's so unlike me to just decide something so last minute, and for an international trip, this feels SO last minute to me. How this came about- my mother in law had a trip planned with her aunt. Her aunt got hurt and can no longer go. My M-I-L was just going to cancel the Paris trip- which seems like a bad idea, doesn't it? Tony is going to be in Israel the week before. He decided that once he was done with work, he would jet on over to Paris to meet up with his mom so she wouldn't have to cancel her trip. Isn't he the sweetest? Then he said that I should meet them there too. There are 101 reasons to not go- I just signed up for an art class, and a swimming class, I hate to leave the kittens alone, I'm trying to save money... BUT there are 102 reasons why I should go! So I am going! As Ms. Hepburn would say:
And I believe her! (print from here)
I had to break out this Paris Stamp set to decorate some stationery with. I have to tell all my pen pals.
Let the planning begin!


  1. That's awesome! Don't forget to visit Mélodies Graphiques pretty sure you'll love it in there :)

  2. Congrats! What fun news! Have a safe trip. Don't forget to mail a few postcards while you're overseas!! ;)

    1. Thank you! I won't forget :) I love sending postcards while traveling

  3. I couldn't imagine an excuse that would be great enough to miss out on going to Paris! Those are such fun stamps by the way. Have a great trip!!! And share the awesome photos when you get back (and yes, I realize that you're not leaving for a few more weeks, but still...)

  4. i would love to go to paris one day! i live in the UK so i'm not even that far, but i just can't afford it. one day! hope you have a fabulous time.

  5. YAY! Thats so exciting! I love paris! Have a lovely time!



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