Friday, June 7, 2013

Portland Visit - Wanderlust Shop

After visiting the trailer in 2011, I have looked forward to adding Wanderlust to my every one of my Portland To Do list. This year, they opened up a brick and mortar location. I emailed Vanessa to ask if I could come by with my camera again. Here's the shop!
Isn't this a wonderful sign? It was hand lettered by Mary Kate McDevitt.  She happend to be in the shop talking to Vanessa when I stopped by. I didn't realize who she was when I was talking to her but then I put two and two together ;)
 The shop is a mix of vintage- clothing, bags, accessories, and handmade- jewelry, stationery, lingerie.
Vanessa creates the prettiest tableaus of her stock. 
 Everything feels like it's meant to be there. I didn't come across anything that made me ask "what's this doing here?" I think that's very hard to pull off as a shop curator. She nailed it!
As a way to incorporate the local artists, Vanessa has an artist window series. If you're not in town, you can always find the latest one on their blog. 
The beautiful dressing room was so inviting but I had mistakenly worn jeans on a day where it reached almost 80 degrees.
If you're lucky enough to be in Portland, stop by for a visit!
2804 SE Ankeny Street, or visit their etsy shop.
All photos by Margaret Haas, taken with 35mm 400 film.


  1. This place looks like a dream to shop in!

  2. I love the bow earrings! I'd definitely love to go in this store. :)




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