Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shop Talk - Product Photos

Do you have have such a long to do list that it paralyzes you? Usually when that happens to me- I find something to do that's so NOT essential- but for some reason it feels like it must be done today. That's what happened a few days ago. I was going through my shop listings and didn't like a few photos. So I got all the products out and set to reshooting. I always like to have a few props to shoot with, here I used a Kaweco fountain pen and some vintage postage stamps. Taking product pictures is one of my least favorite things to do. It always takes way longer, but clearly it's so important. Here's my updated photos of the custom calligraphy stamp set:
You can find it in the shop here.


  1. The photos look great! They were worth the time!

  2. i really love your product styling photos! sometimes i just "e-window shop" because the photos are so lovely to look at! :)



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