Saturday, June 1, 2013

Shop Update- New Custom Return Address Stamps

We understand that sometimes, you move around a lot, or that you can't always spend a lot on a gift. We often get many emails asking if we're able to make a more affordable address stamp. We are happy to offer just that! Introducing our newest additions to our custom stamp line- 
Since these are more affordable, there are some differences from our other stamps. The main one being that these are designed entirely on the computer- no hand lettering or calligraphy here. The second is that these don't come with a proof. Changing these two options were a way we were able to cut costs.

There are 10 different styles to choose from.
We hope you like them! You can find them here and the rest of our stamps here.


  1. As someone who has moved A LOT, this is great! Beautiful work!

  2. I love the confetti one, so festive!



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