Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shop Update - New Stamps & More

We've just added some new items to our shop. First up- vintage inspired border stamps. I always bought the vintage parcel post labels. I would save them for special packages, then be out of them before I knew it. I decided instead of hunting down more at a good price, I'd just make a stamp inspired by them. I couldn't decide between these two styles so I made both. They really pretty up packages and letters.
Our next new product is this to and from stamp set. We sure like it!
Lastly is this set of adorable patterned stickers.  I can't get enough.
These custom monogram stamps aren't new- but the sizes are. They now come in small and large. It's all about options.


  1. I'm loving the new items! Especially the stickers, they look so fun to use!

  2. I love those address stamps! The one immediately reminded me of airmail :)

  3. nice, very nice. iike these stickers. there, in Poland, we cant buy beautiful stickers, appers like that ... ;)



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