Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guest Post - Floral Arranging

Hey everyone! It's me, Tana again. I really enjoy the element of play and today I wanted to delve into incorporating this for flower photography. I'll do this by using one bouquet and showing four different composition ideas.
You don't need a lot of material. Just large butcher paper (I used a backdrop sheet), one bouquet, vases, yarn, and definitely a camera. :)
ONE// If you have tall flowers, line them up in tall vases. If you have small ones, you can line them up in mini-bouquets and put them in shorter vases like here.
TWO// Mix different elements together. Play with yarn and lay flowers down flat for this kind of effect...
THREE// Organize them neatly... Take inventory of your flowers. Align them up with different sizes and colors in mind.
FOUR// Organize them "haphazardly" This is one of my favorites and I like to call them "Whoopsy Daisies (& Other flora)"
I hope these inspired you to play and experiment with flowers in your photos. You can see more flora fun on my blog series and my instagram.

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  1. So great ideas with flowers. Im so impressed.
    Best wishes and greetings from Holland



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