Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gifted No. 24

It's a good thing that Renegade LA was around my birthday- I think Tony likes to wait until the last minute to find me presents. Usually we walk around together but he said "I'd like to walk around by myself for a while" and I knew he was going hunting for my birthday presents. This is what he found. 
This very cool necklace- extra long. 
A keychain to show my two sides. 
A very cute knot ring that I think looks like a pretzel. I also love pretzels ;) 
And this awesome triangle necklace. Isn't my husband the best? What he could remember, they are from:


  1. I guess the knot does look like a pretzel, now that you mention it :) I love that triangle necklace.

    1. Once you see a pretzel, you can't un-see it!



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