Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gifted No. 25

Did you know that this "gifted" series isn't just for gifts I receive? It's also to share some fun gifts I found for friends. When I came across The Folk shop, I immediately thought of Allie and Erika. Allie's fiancĂ© just took the bar exam in California which bodes well for them moving back! Erika just moved to Texas with her boyfriend Matt. I thought they would each enjoy a commemorative necklace :) The shop has tons of options, and you can also choose what size you'd like the state to be. I requested "dainty."
Each necklace came ready to be gifted. 
I just got this necklace for my mother in law's birthday. I found it in Solana Beach. I thought it was so cool, but I don't know what it's called.
I had to sneak a gift I received in here since it was a post about necklaces. Donovan presented this to me when we saw each other at Renegade SF. Isn't it so cool?
They are vintage beads on a silver chain. Thanks, Donovan!


  1. I feel like you and your mother-in-law have exchanged some pretty nifty gifts back and forth. I love all of these necklaces! Kinda wanting a dainty outline of my home state of OK now . . .

    You always share such great sources!

    1. I love shopping for friends and family, glad you like the necklaces. When you live in a small town, online shopping is a godsend!

  2. Your necklace stone is called "Drusy!" One of my favorites!



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